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The Slauson Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan Team is continuing to work with its market study consultant to hear from local stakeholder groups about employment in the study area. The team is also making progress toward selecting a consultant for the environmental review process.

Beginning in fall 2018, we met with Neighborhood Councils and local community based organizations to introduce the Slauson Corridor TNP initiative. Then in April 2019, we held two public workshops that brought in over 125 participants. The team continued to attend local community events throughout the spring and early summer to share progress and hear from stakeholders. Their progress report provides details on the feedback they heard on the below topics. Check out the document for specifics.

Access to Healthy Food
Affordable Housing
Architectural Features
Community Facilities
Favorable Uses
New Uses
Non-Favorable Uses
Pedestrian Amenities
Publicly Accessible Open Space
Rail to River Bike/Ped Path
Shade Trees
Site and Building Design
Streetscape Features
Strong and Sustainable Local Economy
Other Suggestion or Concern

Community Outreach Summary – Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 (English)

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