Chair: Leonard Delpit
Members: Daymond Johnson, Tyrice Cagle, Community Member
Meets 1st Saturday 11am

The mission of the Outreach / Planning and events committee is to increase awareness of the Empowerment Congress Central NC, and the Neighborhood Council System and create and implement an outreach plan that identifies the Empowerment Congress Central NC as the go-to place for our stakeholders’ interaction with the City and to promote Civic engagement and participation in the community and government.

The Outreach Committee is responsible for creating pathways for communication with our stakeholders, including outreach to our communities, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations; participating in community wide activities planned either by the Board and or community organizations; formulating a plan on outreach activities and plan events and create a calendar of events based on the councils’ activities. The committee hosts interactive events, publishes newsletters, delivers content through social media and on this ECCANDC website.

No minutes available for this committee.