Face to Face Meetings

Face to face meetings is still postponed until December 31st. The BONC resolution has extended the virtual meetings until December 31st. At the moment, the Department is conducting several workshops that are developing a hybrid model for conducting meetings. There will be additional guidelines sent to the Neighborhood Council system after the Governor signed AB361 which enables public meetings to be held virtually.

This month of November will be our final regular board meeting of the year as we will not have a regular meeting in December and hope everyone enjoys the much-needed time with family and friends during this holiday session.

As you know I have asked the Office of Secretary to secure our in-person meeting location Barrack Obama Middle school for January as we will begin in person meetings again unless AB361 is extended. All board members should tentatively plan to return to in person meeting in January. Please take all precautions to prepare yourself such as bring your face mask, hand sanitizer and any other PPE that you deem necessary for your protection against covid 19.

The Executive Board will be working to ensure that we have Social Distancing procedures and policies in place for in person meetings that will apply to all persons attending in person meetings of the Council.

Planning 101 Training

The planning training will be provided to members of the Planning and Land Use Committees. Please complete the training through cornerstone if you are on the Planning and Land Use Standing Committee

South Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (SLAANC)

We are looking for board members who would like to represent our NC on the SLAANC as a delegate. we need to appoint 1 Delegate and 2 alternates if you are interested, please let us know.

What is the role of Delegate and Alternate on SLAANC?

The delegate is responsible for disseminating information to their respective Council regarding SLAANC meetings, issues and possible recommended joint actions. Further, the official delegate shall have the right to vote on behalf of his/her respective Neighborhood Council on all SLAANC actions.

Bylaw Amendments

The Board and bylaws committee can begin discussion on the shared resources and submit the bylaw changes soon.

The Bylaws committee can now start to review our current bylaws and identify amendments that are necessary. We will be working in partnership with your Mr. Gibson our Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate who will provide guidance as needed.

Bylaw amendments have to be approved by the our Board and be in compliance with Article XIII with our current bylaws. Once approved, we will submit our amendment changes to the Department for final approval before becoming effective.

If we are planning on amending the Board Structure, (i.e. seat composition), that may require approval from the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. Completed amendment applications will be accepted until April 1st, 2022 via email.

Shared Resources

We are also seeking to add the following locations to our area as shared resources as these locations border our boundaries and must be added to our bylaw amendments.

  • Van Ness Recreation CenterVan Ness Park Slauson/Van Ness
  • Hyde Park Library on Van Ness / Florence Ave
  • Martin Luther King Park 39th/Western

Committee Chairs/Members

We are working with the department to assistance us in providing training to committee chairs and committee members and we are looking at scheduling this on this month’s November agenda.

If there are any additional trainings that you think should be provided so that you may have a better understanding of your role as a board member, your elected or appointed position, and or committee assignments please let us know so that we may reach out to the department.

Effective immediately, the attached committee reassignments are in affect please see the attached amended committee assignment sheet. If you have any questions are need assistance please reach out to us.

Newly Acquired Area Mt. Carmel Park (Area 3)

During the past administration our Council acquired an orphan area not represented by any NC The Mt. Carmel Park Area. We are currently seeking additional support from the department to assist us in providing outreach to this area.

We requested the population Demographics for the newly acquired area. Below are the demographics.

How many stakeholders did we acquire?

Demographics of Unrepresented EC Central Adoption

Total Pop: 6,414

White: 1,708

Black: 1,607

Latino: 4,708

Asian: 45

Households Languages

English: 785

Spanish Ltd English: 340

English Bilingual: 853

Spanish: 1183


We want to continue to encourage community members to continue to participate and remain civically engaged in this process. They can continue to advocate on behalf of their communities at the Los Angeles City Council’s public hearings starting in November.

The Los Angeles City Council will need to adopt a map by Friday, December 31, 2021.