Have You Found Your Voice?

“The opportunity to have a direct voice to City Hall is an opportunity you can’t pass up,” states Empowerment Congress Central President Daymond Johnson. Did you know that you do in fact have that opportunity right now?

The Empowerment Congress Central Neighborhood Council is charged with monitoring the delivery of City services, and hearing from our stakeholders while representing them to the Mayor, and City Council. We are a group of elected volunteers in a local government system of Neighborhood Councils created by the Los Angeles City Charter.

As we move in to the New Year, let us be reminded that the safety of our friends and families are still at risk due to the Covid -19 virus and as we enter 2022 your Neighborhood Council will continue to have Council meetings virtually.

In 2021 despite the restrictions placed on Neighborhood Councils due to the pandemic there have been many accomplishments this past year, which included:

  • Funding over $6,000 in Neighborhood Purpose Grants to community organizations and schools reaffirming our commitment to support our communities
  • We welcomed new board members and executive leadership that has provided a new direction and vision for the future of our council
  • We partnered with Council District 8, LA DOT, and Vision Zero on the upcoming Western Avenue redesign project and conducted a walk audit of Western Avenue to identify traffic hazards and exchange, and provide ideals to improve safety
  • We spoke out and carried the community’s position, and concerns about redistricting and the disenfranchisement of Council District 8 not having any economic assets within our communities.

In 2022 we will continue to consider issues of concern and weigh in on them on behalf of the community. And you can join us in having a direct voice to City Hall. We have a number of vacant seats on the Board for At Large Rep, Youth Rep, Area 1 & 3 Rep and Stakeholder Associate Rep and we always welcome your participation at our meetings on the 4th Monday and at our committee meetings on Saturdays.

Our goals for 2022 include celebrating the accomplishments of our 20 years of Service, recognizing community members, businesses, and organizations past, and present as part of our 20th Anniversary Community Resource Fair and Gala. This project is in the works for the March timeframe and we are looking for your help in making it happen!

Another goal is to identify a significant community improvement project and get to work on it!

This year we will also began the process of creating hygiene/outreach kits for the homeless and in 2022 we want to partner with a local organization to disseminate kits to our unhoused community members.

The opportunities for civic engagement, community involvement and improvement are endless. Join us and let’s work together in 2022. Find out how: [email protected]