cd8 k 25 amended 3 map

ECCANDC President Daymond R. Johnson submitted a statement to the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission on proposed redistricting:

Ten years ago our community had resources such as USC and Exposition Park and those resources were stolen from our communalities and removed from Council District eight and right now, the only economic asset that our communities possess is the Crenshaw Mall.

As President of the Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Council I share the same beliefs as our community and we believe that it is not much to ask that the commission return those resources that once provided a great economic backbone and resource to our communities which also greatly helped improve the quality of life for residents of Council District 9.

Approving the current proposed map (K 2.5) will possibly cause us to lose or consolidate a Senate District ( Sydney and Bradford) and split my Neighborhood Council District boundaries into an area represented by potentially three areas. Again I strongly urge the commission to go back to the drawing board and to move USC and Exposition Park back into our communities of DC8.

Daymond R. Johnson

President Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Council

As of October 19, 2021, President Johnson announced: This morning I am pleased to announce that the redistricting Commission made a decision return those assets to our communities of Council District 8. This decision also stopped a proposed map which will have split our neighborhood Council boundaries with three State Senate districts making it very confusing for stakeholders seeking resources from their respective state representatives.

Latest amended map: