Executive Committee

Chair: Daymond Johnson
Members: Dante L. Clark, Leonard F. Delpit
Meets 3rd Saturday, 11am

The Executive Committee considers issues pertaining to all ECCANDC general business and financial matters, as well as the distribution and allocation of ECCANDC funds. In addition, the Executive Committee advises on the administration, operations and management of the Council.

Creates and follows administrative policies and procedures for the conduct of the Council’s business; directs and oversees Council committee chairs, staff; and promulgates rules to govern the conduct of Council business.

Budget & Finance

Chair: Lana McLeod
Members: Daniel Adomian, Leonard Delpit, Community Member
Meets 3rd Saturday, 10am

The Budget & Finance Committee manages all monetary matters of the Council; the committee also hears presentations and recommends award amounts for NPG grants to the full board for consideration; prepares and submits the annual administrative Budget Package to the Full Board for approval and recommends reallocation of funding as warranted.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Dante L. Clark
Members: Daymond R. Johnson, Lana McLeod, Ingrid Rivera-Guzman
Meets 4th Saturday 11am

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Council (ECCANDC) Bylaws and Standing Rules documents, including amendments. The Bylaws and Standing Rules guide the ECCANDC in regards to operations and activities; any changes to these two documents must first be addressed within the Bylaws Committee. The committee also supports the ECCANDC in operating within the rules and regulations that it must adhere to including California Code, Los Angeles City Charter and Administrative Code, Robert’s Rules of Order Parliamentary Procedure, and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). The Committee also issues notices, and clarification to Board members about the bylaws.

Education/Workforce & Economic Development Committee

Chair Siray Rodgers
Members: Daniel Adomian, Breon Hollie, Community Member
Meets 4th Saturday 10am

The Education Committee is focused on supporting our students and schools to provide the best education possible to our students.

The committee works on any and all issues pertaining to education and workforce development. This committee also serves as the primary Neighborhood Council liaison to education and youth stakeholders with the Los Angeles Unified School District, City of Los Angeles, and any schools, businesses or organizations that work in the fields of education youth, and workforce development.

Planning ad Redevelopment Committee

Chair: Breon Hollie
Members: Siray Rodgers, Community Member
Meets 2nd Saturday, 10am

The planning and redevelopment committee addresses issues of planning, development, nuisance properties, businesses, and public safety within the committee’s jurisdiction. The committee hears from developers, and business owners, and others seeking support from the Committee or Council.

The committee works closely with the LAPD and the City Attorney’s neighborhood prosecutors from 77 division and Southwest division.

The committee makes recommendations to the full Board and refers issues to other committees within that committee’s jurisdiction.

As a member of the planning and redevelopment committee you are required to take the planning 101 training provided by the city’s planning department no later than 60 days after being appointment to the committee. Committee members will receive more information on the required Planning 101 Training.

Public Safety Committee

Chair: Regina Brooks
Members: Leonard F. Delpit, Tyrice Cagle, Community Member
Meets 2nd Saturday 11am

Public Safety Committee: mission is to create a continuous partnership with local law enforcement, and other agencies, commissions, departments, and community organizations concerned or responsible for public safety and to support a collaboration between the community and public safety for all stakeholders to have a voice in public safety matters.

Responsible for monitoring the delivery of Public Safety Services by Law Enforcement (LAPD), and other City departments responsible for public safety, promoting and advocating for the safe and quiet enjoyment of all stakeholders; identifies, reports, and monitors problem businesses and properties, liaisons to local law enforcement, fire, Neighborhood Prosecutors, parks and recreation and local businesses on matters of public safety.

Transportation & Public Works Committee

Chair: Ingrid Rivera-Guzman
Members: Reba Stevens, Breon Hollie, Community Member
Meets 1st Saturday 10am

The Transportation & Public Works Committee considers matters related to traffic, transit and public works. The Committee works to identify, address and raise the awareness of the community’s public transportation needs. In coordination with LADOT, LA METRO, Street Service, Public Works, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, and other agencies related to issues of transportation & Public Works, this committee will implement programs, projects and share ideas that work to enhance the quality of life of stakeholders.

Outreach/Planning & Events Committee

Chair: Leonard Delpit
Members: Daymond Johnson, Tyrice Cagle, Community Member
Meets 1st Saturday 11am

The mission of the Outreach / Planning and events committee is to increase awareness of the Empowerment Congress Central NC, and the Neighborhood Council System and create and implement an outreach plan that identifies the Empowerment Congress Central NC as the go-to place for our stakeholders’ interaction with the City and to promote Civic engagement and participation in the community and government.

The Outreach Committee is responsible for creating pathways for communication with our stakeholders, including outreach to our communities, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations; participating in community wide activities planned either by the Board and or community organizations; formulating a plan on outreach activities and plan events and create a calendar of events based on the councils’ activities. The committee hosts interactive events, publishes newsletters, delivers content through social media and on this ECCANDC website.