Executive Committee

Chair: Daymond Johnson
Members: Dante L. Clark, Leonard F. Delpit, Gustyn Cook
Meets 3rd Saturday, 11am

Budget & Finance

Chair: Gustyn Cook
Members: Daniel Adomian, Breon Hollie, Community Member
Meets 3rd Saturday, 10am

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Dante L. Clark
Members: Daymond R. Johnson, Ingrid Rivera-Guzman
Meets 4th Saturday 11am

Education/Workforce & Economic Development Committee

Chair Siray Rodgers
Members: Daniel Adomian, Breon Hollie, Ingrid Guzman, and Gustyn Cook
Meets 4th Saturday 10am

As the 2021 – 2023 Chair of the Education, Workforce, and Economic Development committee, I am dedicated to the responsibilities and duties of the task force assigned to me; working alongside the constituents, stakeholders, and partners within the neighborhood council systems. My name is Mr. Siray Rodgers and as an educator of the arts, specifically music, and I am also an athletics coach throughout Los Angeles. I am here to work as a leader in building our city, I am also a business stakeholder in our Empowerment Congress Central, neighborhood council. As a product of essential healthcare professionals in West and South Los Angeles, Watts upbringing, Gardena and Athens stability taught me how to be an ingrained and complete community organizer. I will always be a clear, strengthened, and consistent contact for my neighbors, as well the citizens of Los Angeles, California dedicated to hold my duties responsibly, and for the positive direction into the future. I will maintain dedication to build our city agencies, on all levels of government, and in sync with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, the working families, and voters that will help our council educate our community.

Planning ad Redevelopment Committee

Chair: Pending Appointment
Members: Daymond R. Johnson, Daniel Adomian, Community Member
Meets 2nd Saturday, 10am

Public Safety Committee

Chair: Gena Brooks
Members: Leonard F. Delpit, Dante L. Clark, Community Member
Meets 2nd Saturday 11am

Transportation & Public Works Committee

Chair: Ingrid Rivera-Guzman
Members: Ingrid Rivera-Guzman, Gustyn Cook, Community Member
Meets 1st Saturday 10am

The Transportation & Public Works Committee is a standing committee as recognized by the Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Development Council Bylaws last approved December 2020. This committee meets every 1st Saturday of the month at 10:100AM(PST). We serve to engage and educate residents, constituents, and community stakeholders on issues pertaining to transportation, mobility, and other public infrastructure projects occurring within our Neighborhood Council boundaries. We serve as a bridge between our community members and City, County, State and Federal governments, elected officials, and agencies. We facilitate a safe, open, diverse, and accessible space for community members to voice their thoughts, questions, concerns, and feedback on issues that fall under this committee’s jurisdiction. We serve to ensure our community has equitable access to mobility justice, public transit, safe and livable streets, public infrastructure, and resource investments. Our mission is to create safe, healthy, and accessible neighborhood where all can live, play, work, and thrive.

Outreach/Planning & Events Committee

Chair: Leonard Delpit
Members: Tyrice Cagle, Terrence Shepard, Community Member
Meets 1st Saturday 11am