The CD8 Community Grant is the first granting program of its kind—fully funded by monies redirected from the Los Angeles Police Department to impacted communities in South Los Angeles. Our Office will distribute grants from $5,000 to $75,000 to eligible organizations and provide a range of services and benefits to the residents of Council District Eight.

This opportunity can increase the capabilities of existing, and emerging organizations focused on a variety of prevention and intervention services, business development or support, and mental health services. The Jemmott Rollins Group will administer the fund and distribute the $4.2 million reinvestment to the Districts’ nonprofit sector through this granting process.

What we see in Council District Eight are a lot of small organizations that support our families and our communities through service. We see them helping our houseless neighbors, the social clubs that organize community clean-ups and paint over graffiti, and the groups that outreach to our youth and seniors. These are but a few of the representations of the work they do. This grant is for those doing this work and our larger nonprofits.

For more information regarding eligibility and registration details, please visit our website: